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Creating Schedules for Multiple Students

Are you finding it a challenge to keep all your students on track? Get some ideas for creating schedules and routines that work whether you are schooling 2, 3, 4, or more!
Presented by LuAnn Charles and Jennie Maughan, UTVA

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Managing Long Days

Perfect for all K12 families.

Creating a routine for schooling at home takes time. Are you wondering if it is even humanly possible to follow your daily plan (including Science investigations and Art), work in Study Island, and also attend Class Connects, K12 clubs, and school-organized outings without the benefit of cloning or time travel? Don’t despair! Join veteran Ohio Virtual Academy parent and Transition Liaison Cynthia Williams to be encouraged and discover strategies for making those long days more manageable.


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Parent Workshop: Have a Back-Up Plan: What to Do When You Can’t Get Online

Don’t pull your hair out when the OLS is down or your internet connection goes out. Lynette Hunter from Wyoming Virtual Academy discusses ways to keep your children working without letting life’s unexpected challenges ruin your day.

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Parent Workshop: Help Your Child Learn How to Learn

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Even if you are doing all the right things as a learning coach, your children will struggle with challenging concepts at some point. Learning Coach and teacher Alissa Olden discusses the learning process and shares some strategies to help you both cope when the going gets tough. Find out how to give the right kind of help.

Creating Great Spaces for Schooling at Home

Once your boxes of supplies arrive, or perhaps even before that, you are probably thinking about your home and how you're going to turn it into a learning space for your student. This is an exciting time for your whole family! This special workshop will help share the ins and outs of creating the most suitable area for your student. It doesn't matter whether your home is large, small, or on wheels! We can help you know what you will need and how to make your space work for your learner! We have lots of pictures to share and will give you some ideas of shoulds and should-nots in getting things all set up!

Don't miss this session if you're new to schooling at home!

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Understanding and Preventing Bullying

Tragic bullying and cyberbullying incidents have garnered national attention and the deep concern of parents and educators. In this session, we explored the impact of bullying and how parents can be partners in prevention. Presented by Laurel Barrette, K12

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How to Motivate Your Teen

In addition to providing Learning Coaches a space to share concerns about their teenage student’s motivation, this session provided simple and realistic ideas to help your teenage student tune into their own motivation. Topics included: identifying strengths, setting goals, building self-esteem, establishing community, taking responsibility, joint-problem solving, and accountability.

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Tips and Tricks for Learning Coaches on the Online High School

In this session, Rob Letcher, Sr. Director of product management, took us on a guided tour of the Learning Coach tools in the new K12 Online High School platform.

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Quick Take Blackboard Collaborate Tips and Tricks

Blackboard Collaborate (BbC) is the tool that your child’s teachers use for live classes and lessons. Knowing how to navigate and use the tools in BbC is easy. Join us for one of these short 30-minute sessions as we demonstrate tools and navigation of BbC.

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Strategic Scheduling

Organizing Your Day Matters! Strategic Scheduling is the best way to manage each day and each week ahead. This session is especially for parents and Learning Coaches with students in Grade Kindergarten through Grade 8 who are new to schooling at home. This is not a one-size-fits-all schedule workshop. We will share  ways that you can look at your days and weeks that will help you best configure your family's life and school time. Routines, structured schedules, flexible schedules, household chores, as well as tried and true tips on how to take on schooling at home will be part of this special session for you.

You can also view this session in Blackboard Collaborate by clicking HERE.


How to Help Your Students Study Smarter, Not Harder

When “try harder” and “hurry up and finish” isn’t working, it’s time for strategic study habits! Join us as we explore the Top 10 Habits of highly effective students. Study habits are the same as any other habits…they need to be made so routine it seems strange to not do these. Great study habits = successful students and families!  Presented by Jennifer Tracewell from Oregon Virtual Academy

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Motivate 2 Activate

K12 and School at Home Effectively are pleased to offer the Motivate 2 Activate Series, an introduction to principles and practical strategies for Learning Coaches to help their students become motivated and involved in their academic success. Each live session is 30-minutes long and includes discussion, follow-up questions, and answers. 

For the Motivate 2 Activate series flyer click here and upcoming live session schedule

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